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Oregon wildfires lead to higher priced Christmas trees in Turlock, region

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A lot of families have a tradition of going out and getting an authentic Christmas tree every holiday season. But the festive trees were victim to rising prices, similar to a lot of other items this year, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up.

According to Ron Macedo of Turlock’s RAM Farms, the price of trees this year has gone up by eight percent, and 50 percent over the last nine years. This year’s increases can be attributed to the wildfires in Oregon, which is where most sellers get their product on the west coast. The supply chain crisis has also made less fertilizer available to growers, which has also led to higher prices.

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Where to cut your own Christmas tree or buy one in Northern California

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So you’ve had your fill of Thanksgiving leftovers and are ready to venture out to cut your own Christmas tree this year or pick one up from a local farm? Below is a guide for where to go in Northern California, if you're looking for a fresh-cut tree.

Up to 30 million real Christmas trees are sold across the country each year, according to the National Christmas Tree Association. The association maintains this Google map of how to find a real tree near you.

For those hoping to score a permit to chop down a tree within designated areas of the Eldorado National Forest or Tahoe Basin, you’re out of luck. Permits for the 2020 season are already sold out.

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