State data shows vaccination trends in Stanislaus County

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Women in Stanislaus County appear to be receiving coronavirus vaccinations at a higher percentage than men, according to the state's vaccine website.

Of the vaccinations administered, and not taking into account those who declined to state gender or whose gender information was missing, 56.2% of those vaccinated were female and 43.4% were male. Those listing others represented 0.4%.

Race and ethnicity information was incomplete as there were 20.2% of those vaccinated were listed as "unknown," either declining to state or whose information was missing.

The percentage breakdown of those vaccinated in the county are as follows:

— White: 36.4%

— Latino: 25.3%

— Other: 9.5%

— Asian American: 5.2%

— Black: 1.7%

— Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: 0.7%

— Multi-race: 0.6%

— American Indian or Alaska Native: 0.5%

Meanwhile, Stanislaus County's COVID-19 website was down Sunday morning, so there was no new information regarding cases, deaths and hospitalizations.

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