Stanislaus County to enforce steep fines on illegal pot grows

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Starting on Dec. 19, Stanislaus County is cracking down on illegal pot grows by enforcing a $1,000 fine per plant per day, according to Terry Withrow, chairman of the county board of supervisors.

Right now, Withrow said growers only face a maximum $500 fine.

“There was no teeth to our ordinance,” Withrow said. “It was laughable. Like 'Yeah, shut us down. We’ll be back here again.’”

The hefty fine can add up quickly. For example, Withrow said a cultivation site found with 5,000 illegal marijuana plants would be fined $5 million per day.

“If it’s not substantial, we’re just back to where we were before,” he said. “If we can’t shut down the black market, then the entire permitting process is a joke.”

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