San Jose cat saves woman from a possible drug addiction

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Time for more of your wonderful stories, some about how you came to have your pet, and all about how much having a pet adds to life.

DEAR JOAN: About 4 years ago, I had a knee replacement. I was sent home after just three days with a big bottle of pain pills.

I took them for 3½ weeks and then decided it was time to stop so I could start driving.  That night, I went to bed and couldn’t sleep. I had pain and was jittery. I was thinking about getting another one of those pain pills when my kitty, Bialy, came and sat on my chest.

He’d never done that before (although he does now since he lost his brother). I couldn’t bring myself to get up to get any medication with him being so cuddly. He did the same the next night and by that time, I had no more need for pain killers.

I still tell people that Bialy saved me from a lifetime of addiction.

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