Police Memorial Tour Honors Ultimate Sacrifice

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The ‘End of Watch’ anniversary for Harold B. Harless is on Oct. 17 and it has been 54 years since he was killed in the line of duty. In order to honor Harless and keep his memory alive, Sergeant Lloyd MacKinnon with Riverbank Police Services (RPS) will be riding for him in the Police Unity Tour in May, 2020.

Harless was a patrolman for the Riverbank Police Department from 1957 to 1963. He left the department to pursue other business opportunities. Then he returned to the police force in March 1965. He was known for vibrant green “cat eyes” which often times did not help him when he was on a stakeout or undercover because people would recognize him. As a community caretaker, Harless was kind and although he did not have much, would often host dinners at his home for those in need. Prior to becoming a police officer Harless worked for Gallo Winery and had a side gig as a bouncer at the Riverbank Club House. At the time he served on the force, there were only a total of six in the department, with one being the Police Chief and five patrolmen.

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