New stop signs ordered for rural locations

in Around California

Acting on a recommendation by Caltrans, the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors has approved all-way stop controls at four intersections in the Keyes and Turlock areas.

The four intersections are:

• On the Keyes Road freeway overpass at the southbound ramp;

• On the Keyes Road freeway overpass at the northbound ramp;

• South Washington Road at West Harding Road;

• South Walnut Road at West Harding Road. 

Caltrans recently conducted traffic safety investigations on the Keyes Road southbound on ramp and found that it met the warrants for an all-way stop. The study determined that five reported crashes in a 12-month period could have been prevented by an all-way stop.

Currently traffic is unimpeded for those driving on the overpass. That causes a lot of folks to make unsafe darts to turn left onto the freeway onramp.

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