5 Things to Know: Blue Shield takes over California’s COVID-19 vaccination distribution

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On Monday, Blue Shield took over California's COVID-19 vaccination distribution in an attempt to streamline the process and create a single, statewide criterion, remove the responsibility from individual counties.

San Joaquin and Stanislaus were among the first counties impacted by the shift to Blue Shield, as the insurance company focused its efforts on communities where the virus disproportionately affected families.

Here are five things to know about the shift:

1.Blue Shield's goal is to fully inoculate 25 million people by the summer. In a statement sent to KCRA 3, the insurance company said its plan is to increase the doses per week from one million to four million by the end of March.

The transition began Monday, March 1, and is expected to finish the change to the statewide criteria by end of the month.

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